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All League Selections:

  • Alec Denney 1st TE**

  • Zabee Mohmand 1st OL**

  • Sione Mesui 1st DL**

  • Mica Sanchez 1st LB**

  • Vitani Harrison 1st DB**

  • Antonio Riley 1st WR

  • Christian Gross 1st OL

  • Mica Sanchez 2nd RB

  • Joshua Bolding 2nd LB

  • Antonio Riley 2nd DB

  • Jacob Smith 2nd OL

  • Adam Joo 2nd DL

  • Arsalon Gawhary HM LB

  • Mark Munoa HM RB

** Unanimous selections

Football News

In Memory: Ben Anderson 
Extra, extra, read all about it...It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Hornet coach Ben Anderson.

Ben was a great coach, teacher, friend, husband and father. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Reporters Needed 
Extra, extra, read all about it...Game results for EVERY Hornet football game will be posted here... IF someone submits the information. 

NEXT SEASON... we need reporters to submit game summaries for all teams. The reports can be as brief or as detailed as you'd like. If no stories are submitted, we can't follow the progress of your team's season. 

To send in scores/summaries, or if any questions, email

"Smile !"Game Day Photos

We do not post game photos on this site, however, if you take/maintain photos on your own site, let us know and we can provide the link.

Click here to see past game day Photos from Hornet photographer Bill Thomas.

Driving Directions
Dang, if I get another speeding ticket I'm toast.
Remember, directions to all Away Games are available on the website.  Just click here or select the  "Directions" link available above/left.

Coaches Kemp and Ramsey
named the Raiders 2015 High School
“Coaches of the Year.”

The Oakland Raiders High School “Coach of the Week” program promotes high school football, giving high school coaches and teams the recognition that they deserve.
Brothers Kemp and Ramsey Moyer, Alameda High School alums, were named the 2015 Oakland Raiders High School “Coaches of the Year”.

The Hornets tripled their win total from 2014 and qualified for the NCS playoffs. Coaches Kemp and Ramsey were instrumental in not just leading their players on the field, but proved to be an off-field presence as well.

Congratulations Kemp & Rams!!


Thank you to ALL the people who helped make this season a success.

Coming Up... 

Var - Season Completed

JV - Season Completed

Fr - Season Completed

Game Results...

Var fall to Lancers 0-30 @ NCS

JV edged by Piedmont 8-12

Fr beat Yellowjackets 36-8

Scores and Game Summaries
can be submitted to


More News & Info...

"See What You Hit"

Congratulations to the Hornet coaching staff for being named the "Oakland Raiders High School Coach of the Week" for our last minute 19-15 win over Washington on 9/5.

Thank you to the Raiders for their donation and support and also to Raider's cornerback TJ Carrie for coming out to speak with the team.

Get all the latest Hornet gear right here...

... where a percentage of all sales will be
donated back to The Boosters/athletic programs.

Thompson Field
One of the best places to watch a high school football game in the East Bay - as reported by the Oakland Tribune.   ...more

I "HATE" these sweaters !

Well, here's your chance to learn about Hornet teams of the past.  Check out our Hornet History section.

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"It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference."
~ Bear Bryant; Coach University of Alabama (1958-1982)
(Member of  College Football Hall of Fame)  


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