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Hornet Booster Club 

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Alameda High School Athletic Supporters, the Boosters, are a registered (501 c3; ID 94-2650418) non-profit organization composed of parents and other community members who have an interest in improving and assisting the Alameda High School athletic program. The Booster’s primary purpose is fundraising to support athletic programs and promoting school spirit through sports.

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Board Members:  2016-2017


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Tamara Bayne 


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Birgitta Piamonte


Lynne McAdam 

Hornet Sting Coordinator-

Philly Jones 

Snack Bar 

AHS Leadership

Team Donation Coordinator-

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School Site Council

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Sloan Rausser

Student Rep

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Jim Grigg




Hornet Athletic Boosters - We Need Your Support  

Player/Family Donations  |  Booster Upgrades  |  See also Booster Overview Document.

It costs tens of thousands of dollars each year to keep Alameda High's athletic programs running; money that is getting more and more scarce as state and local budgets continue to be cut to the bone. The simple fact is, without Hornet Booster support (refer to All That We Do), many - if not most - of Alameda High's team sports would likely be dropped. 

The Hornet Booster Program is voluntary, but if each Hornet family that has the means can do their part to support our programs and our athletes, it will help to sustain the high-quality athletic programs that we enjoy here at Alameda High. 

If we do not raise the necessary funds, difficult decisions will need to made regarding which team programs will continue to be supported at Alameda High.

The Alameda Hornet Boosters are a registered 501(3)c non-profit organization.
All donations are 100% tax deductible.

(Our federal tax identification number is 94-2650418.)

Clarification:  3 Ways to Donate

There are three ways you can help out with tax deductible donations:

  1. Parent's $60 per athlete/per sport 'Player Donation',
    ... and, for those who can afford it...

  2. Parent's Booster 'Upgrade Donations' (these would be
    in addition to any 'Player Donations');
    ... or...

  3. Booster-direct 'Hornet Supporter Donations' (any amount)

        Outlined in more detail below.

A. Player Donations - 2016/2017  

We are encouraging every Hornet family that has the means to make a $60.00 per athlete/per sport donation to the Hornet Boosters. You can make your player donations in either of two ways:

Here's how to make your donation:

  • By check and turned in during school Registration Day or directly to your athlete's coach(es). 

    Important: Make checks payable to "Alameda Hornet Boosters", and be sure to include player name and sport in the Comments section of the check.

    - or - 

  • You can make an online donation at our Booster Online Store

Current Sport Support by Season

Fall Winter Spring
of Fall athletes
(154 out of 302)
of Winter athletes
(129 out of 154)
of Spring athletes
(241 out of 341)
Last year's results
of Fall athletes
(187 out of 289)
of Winter athletes
(149 out of 148)
of Spring athletes
(281 out of 397)

We're up to 58% participation, but as 
you can see, we still have a long way
to go to reach our goal, so if you haven't
yet had a chance to make a donation and
would like to help, please do so now.
Thank you!


B. Booster Membership & Upgrades - 2016/2017  


When your son or daughter participates in a school sport at Alameda High, you automatically become a member of the Alameda Hornet Boosters and are encouraged to attend Booster Meetings and provide input and participate in all Booster-related events and activities. 


Bottom Line: It costs a LOT of money to maintain a top-quality athletic program like we enjoy here at Alameda High. In addition to supporting individual team needs, the Boosters raise funds to support such ongoing expenses as school athletic field/facility maintenance and improvements; player safety equipment purchases and reconditioning; escalating team transportation costs; as well as such progressive innovations as our on-site athletic trainer. 

In order to sustain our quality/competitive athletic programs, we strongly encourage all parents and supporters who are able, to upgrade their Booster support. 

Note: When you upgrade, your name is entered on our Membership-Upgrade list which is updated regularly and used to check in members at all qualifying sports events. (Booster Cards are not issued/required.)

Our Hornet Booster upgrade packages - with substantial benefits - are outlined below: 


  • Silver Upgrade = $100 Donation
    Provides one person free admission to all AHS home football and basketball games.

  • Gold Upgrade = $250 Donation. Provides you with:

    • Two free admissions to all AHS home football and basketball games.

    • Two free admissions to "Hornet Sting" Social fundraiser.

  • Platinum Upgrade = $500 Donation. Provides you with:

    • Four free admissions to all AHS home football and basketball games.

    • Four free admissions to "Hornet Sting" Social fundraiser
      (plus, if there is sufficient interest, one free ‘buy-in’ to the
      "Hornet Hold 'em" tournament).

  • Diamond Upgrade = $1,000 Donation. Provides you with:

    • Six free admissions to all AHS home football and basketball games.

    • Six free admissions to "Hornet Sting" Social fundraiser
      (plus, if there is sufficient interest, two free ‘buy-ins’ to the
      "Hornet Hold 'em" tournament).

Here's how to upgrade your membership:

  • Either, by check and turned in during school Registration Day, or mailed to address shown below:

  1. Open/print this Membership Upgrade Form.

  2. Turn in at Registration or mail the completed form with payment to:

PO BOX 2287 

Important: Be sure to include player name and sport in the Comments section of the check.

Thank you for supporting the Alameda High School athletic program  and its student athletes.

2016/2017 Hornet Boosters            

The Alameda Hornet Boosters are
a registered 501(3)c non-profit organization.

We'd like to extend a sincere thank you to all the families and individuals who joined the Boosters this year. Our sports programs could not exist without your generous support!!

And a very special thank you to all those individuals/families who are supporting us this year with ‘upgraded memberships’...

   Thank You...


Elizabeth Scholtes


Elizabeth Scholtes


Zachary Crvarich, Nathan Bracamontes, Ryan Cibull, Jane Rausser, Nicholas Abe, Jake Chilcott, Padraig Lane, Tiana Bullock, Katie & Jason Gee, Joseph & Jacob Gibbons, Adrian Khor, Jenna Long, Ryan & Eric Slez, Leland Walton, Sam Rawski, Claire Fox, Jennifer Ghiglione, Susana Vargas


Adriel Quilatan, Charlie Konstantino, Kyle-William Quilici, Andrew Cho, Timothee Des Robert, Queenie Liu, Christopher Cheung, Donovan Eubanks, Alejandro Jimenez, Evan Kettles, Larry Lancaster, Angelo Melendez, Nicholas Chan, Elizabeth Scholtes, Jeremy Chen, Adam Elaidy, Liam John, Morgan Kimble, Samantha Mui, Lavernne Quilatan, Christopher & Benjamin Ting, Michael Waldman, Philip Woodworth, Lucas Mandel Cardeal De Souza, Jackson Elliott, Rowan Esquer, Elena Marcovici, Kyle Alves, Daniel Alverado, Suzanne Suh, and principal Robert Ithurburn

It's not too late to join!!  We really need everyone's support (especially the families of all Hornet athletes). Click here to find out how to join the Boosters.

Thanks again to all of our generous supporters!!

Booster By-Laws            

To view the Alameda High Athletic Supporters (Boosters) By-Laws (rev.11/2016) click on the link below: 

Booster By-Laws

What We Do...               (Join Now)

In these times of wholesale budget cuts, many schools are reducing the number of teams they field or are cutting sports programs entirely.  As an exception to the rule, Alameda High has not wavered in its support of its extracurricular programs (drama, music, art, etc.)... including sports.  Through the school Administration's foresight, careful budgeting and the assistance of the Hornet Boosters, Alameda High has been able to sustain a complete and competitive athletic program.

The budget crisis is not over, however, and continued careful planning and community support are needed if we are to keep our sports programs going strong.

Our Goals for 2016/2017

  1. Maintain and expand or Onsite Trainer Program, and medical support for all sports

  2. Supporting transportation needs, including the purchase of larger capacity vehicles

  3. Developing an on-site tutor/athlete education program

  4. Other infrastructural needs for each sport, as needed

Keep reading (below) for more info on what The Boosters do...

The Hornet Booster Club's primary purpose is to coordinate fundraising efforts to support AHS athletic programs.  The bulk of our monies are raised in the form of snack bar sales (at football and basketball games) and Booster Membership fees.

A common misconception is that the money made at football games goes to the football program and monies made at the basketball games goes to basketball.  That's not true.  ALL monies collected by the Boosters through fees and snack bar sales goes into a general fund to support ALL AHS sports.  When a team needs something, coaches simply need to submit a request to the Boosters and the Board reviews and processes the request.  

In the few years alone, the Boosters provided funding for:

  • Onsite Athletic Trainer

  • New 12-passenger van

  • Softball Field maintenance & supplies

  • Thompson Field major field renovation

  • Weight-room equipment & maintenance

  • Coaches CPR training

  • Team Jackets 

  • Coaches certifications

  • Weight Room equipment/supplies

  • Gas for AHS team vehicles

  • Sports equipment for a number of the different teams

Prior to that, the Boosters have supported Hornet teams with such items as:

  • Cross Country & Track: starter pistol, discus ring, long jump pit,
    team banner, transportation expenses

  • Women's Golf:  paid for trip to NCS, NorCal and State championship, plus championship patches

  • Badminton: shuttlecocks,  netting, transportation expenses

  • Water Polo: balls,  safety caps, ball cart and other equipment

  • Swimming:  swim caps; lane markers

  • Women's Soccer:  uniforms, balls, bags

  • Men's Soccer:  practice Goals, new goal frames

  • Volleyball:  balls, uniforms, nets, team jacket embroidery

  • Softball:  batting helmets, bats, pitching machine, balls, sliding mat, mat for Batting Cage

  • Women's Basketball:  uniforms

  • Men's Basketball:  paid for trip to San Diego

  • Baseball:  cost of umpires JV and Var, Lincoln Park storage shed

  • Football: equipment,  game support personnel

  • Cheerleaders: sweaters

  • Mascot: Purchased Hornet Mascot ("Buzzy") Costume

In addition, the Boosters regularly fund a lot of "general school improvements" that benefit multiple sports and often AHS PE programs as well; things like:

ITEMS IN RED each cost many thousands of Dollars
and often many hours of VOLUNTEER time 
(with parents, coaches, athletes, and teachers all contributing)

  • New Gym:

    • Interior painting

    • Ice machine

    • Wall padding

    • Scoreboard

    • Bleacher repairs

    • New volleyball standards and nets

    • Scorers table

    • Mural (in progress)

  • Softball Field

    • Installed both softball fields, dugouts & fencing

    • Batting cage

    • Fence protective topping

    • Scoreboard

  • Football Field

    • Installed Lights

    • Repaired restrooms

    • Snack bar improvements (including building repairs, rewiring as well as new hot dog steamer, cart, BBQ, coolers & crock pots)

    • New scoreboard

    • Purchased 2 storage containers for football & track

    • Purchased new tarps for fences 

    • Re-built the roof on the scorer's booth

    • Painted snack bar and scorer's booth

    • Painted goal posts

    • Re-wired electricity at snack bar

    • Cost of re-conditioning equipment

    • New Flagpole

  • Tennis Court

    • Resurfacing Donation

    • Wind screens

    • Surface cleaning

  • Soccer Field:

    • Portable goals

    • Corner flags

    • Goal net supports

    • Paid for repairs to goals

  • Transportation:

    • Repaired van

    • Assisted with funding for athletes competing in State Track Meet

    • Van rental for Girl's Basketball team

  • General:

    • Subsidize this website

    • Paid for two Athletic Director “Admin Assistants”

    • Weight room equipment

    • Purchased 2 large spirit banners

    • Bicycle donations for Grad Night

    • Athletic Dept. Assistants Subsidy

So please help us continue to support our student athletes...
join the Boosters Club today, and come on out
and volunteer at some of our events. 
It's fun and a great way to get involved.


Q: Why are there still funding issues if we just passed Measure B1 for school funding?

A: Measure B1 (2016) was not a new tax, it simply extended an existing parcel tax to support our schools. So, that income essentially stayed the same. It’s the district budget cuts to the schools (monies that are being diverted elsewhere) that are creating this shortfall that the Boosters is being asked to cover.

Q: Is it true that the bigger sports -- like  football and basketball -- get a bigger share of Booster funds?

A: That's a common misconception. ALL monies collected by the Hornet Boosters from Player Donations, Membership Upgrades, Fundraising Events and Snack Bar sales go into a "general" Boosters athletics fund. Coaches (or reps) from all sports can make requests for 'awards' from the Boosters when they need assistance for their teams. All sports teams at Alameda High receive funding assistance from The Boosters.

Q: Doesn't the school provide funding for school sports?

A: Yes, the school does provide some funding. But with seemingly endless school budget cuts, the Boosters are being asked more and more to pick up the slack and provide funding - not only for individual teams, but also for athletic infrastructure maintenance and improvements that support ALL Alameda High students.

Q: What types of things do the Boosters support?

A: The Boosters provide financial support for a wide array of Hornet sports needs ranging from team equipment, travel expenses, field/facility maintenance and upgrades, as well as subsidizing a full-time onsite athletic trainer who is available to ALL Alameda High athletes. Additionally, the Boosters just approved the purchase of a large 12-person van to be used (in conjunction with existing vans) for transportation to Away games/matches.

Q: As a parent, what can I do to support The Boosters and Alameda High athletics?

A: There are several things you can do to help.

#1 - We'd love to have more parents participate in Booster activities. In particular, we need every team to have a Parent Rep. Being a Parent/Team rep means helping out your coach by attending monthly Booster meetings; and communicating information between your coach, the Boosters and the other parents on your team.

#2 - To continue supporting Alameda High teams, we really need every family to do their share. To support our teams, we're asking every family to support their athlete(s) with a $60 per sport donation. Additionally - for those who have the means - we encourage Booster Membership upgrade donations, which come with substantial benefits.

Q: Why do the Booster website URL, site emails, payment notifications, etc. fall under the “” heading?

A: The website was originally set up (at the request of the football coach back in 2002) as a football-only website. There was no ‘Boosters/all-sport’ website at the time. Then a few years later other coaches requested web pages, so little by little the existing “hornetfootball” site was expanded to represent all Hornet Sports. It’s an unfortunate ‘technical issue’ now and not easily changed. (Though there are discussions underway to replace the old website, which would resolve this issue.) So, just be aware that any communications or donations submitted through the website are all tracked by individual sport. ALL donations to the Boosters goes into a general fund to assist ALL sports. Football gets no preferential funding.

The “hornetfootball” designation is simply the website’s gateway.


Please send us an email, and we'll be happy to respond to all inquiries.

Just send questions to

Thank you
for your continued support!!

Booster Club Meetings

Booster Club meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month (unless indicated otherwise).  All meetings are held at 6pm in the Media Center 'pit' next to the library in the Alameda High Administration Building (2201 Encinal Ave).  

Here's a map showing the room location.

Enter from rear parking lot via Walnut Street.

  • August 31 - Kick-Off: @ Harbor Bay Clubhouse on Bay Farm

  • September 28

  • October 26 - Board Elections

  • November 30

  • December 28

  • January 25

  • February 22

  • March 29

  • April 26

  • May 31

All Booster members and other interested individuals are welcome.

Check back before attending; schedule subject to change.

Booster Club Meeting Minutes & Financial Report 



The Hornets are from Alameda High School, Alameda, California, USA.
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