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Hornets Rule !!!!

A message from the Booster President  &  Booster Mission Statement

Thank you to all the parents, friends and donors who supported our Hornet Sting fundraiser out at the Rock Wall Winery.

 Hornet News...

Thank you to all the parents who came out and supported our Hornet Sting fundraiser. We know how often throughout the year you're asked to "give", and the Boosters and the Hornet athletes very much appreciate you including us. 

We also could not have done this without the generous support of all our donors and sponsors: Rock Wall Wine Co, Pacific Fine Foods, The Lucid Rays (band), Nothing Bundt Cakes, Randy Marmor, Ron Matthews, Roni Miller, Tim Morse, Tamara Bayne, Philly Jones, Lynne & Steve McAdam, Shelly Dunn, Birgitta Piamonte, and Jim & Denise Grigg. And to all our Sting-Night parent volunteers - thanks so much for stepping up.

And last but not least, thanks to the following teams who contributed some very creative gifts/gift baskets: Football, Cross Country/Distance Track, Baseball, Softball, W-Basketball, W-Soccer, W-Volleyball, M-Volleyball, M-Swimming, W-Tennis, M-Tennis, and Cheer.

Find BuzzyHornet Sports At-a-Glance

Check out the upcoming Hornet Sports Calendar, and then come on out and support your favorite Hornet teams.   Here's... April

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Game Reporters Needed for 2013-14  
Extra, extra, read all about it...Game results for EVERY Hornet sporting event will be posted here... 
someone submits the information. 

We need reporters to submit scores and game summaries for all teams.  The reports can be as brief or as detailed as you'd like. If no stories are submitted, we can't follow the progress of your team's season. 

To send in scores/summaries, email to  (details) 

Hornet Online Store - Update

Our Hornet Online Store has changed. To make transactions easier, we've switch from Google Wallet to the simpler, more reliable PayPal as our payment processor. Use the online store to make donations, upgrade your membership, and register for selected events.

Thank You Upgrade Members!!!

We'd like to extend a sincere thank you to all the families and individuals who upgraded their Booster Membership this year. Our sports programs could not exist without your generous support!!

Onsite Athletic Trainer
Alameda High and the Hornet Boosters are proud to be able to offer the services (3rd yr.) of an on-site athletic trainer, Jasmine Gittens, to work with all of our student-athletes.   DETAILS

  A few photos from the party...

< click here for Hornet Scores

 What's Coming Up... 

Bezbol Rules!!Baseball

Var: Thu, Apr. 17 at 4pm vs. O'Dowd

JV: Thu, Apr. 17 at 4pm @ O'Dowd

Volleyball Rules!!Volleyball

Var: Thu, Apr. 17 at 4pm @ Encinal

JV: Thu, Apr. 17 at 5:30 @ Encinal

Badminton Rules!!Badminton

Badminton continues its season on
Thu, Apr. 17 at 3:30 vs. Encinal

Tennis Rules!!M-Tennis

Menís tennis continues its season on
Thu, Apr. 17 at 3:30 vs. Tennyson

Track-n-Field Rules!!Track & Field

Hornets at Bearcat Invite on Sat., April 19 
in San Mateo starting at 8:30


Menís Golf plays Castro Valley on
Tue, Apr. 22 at 3pm @ Monarch Bay

Softball Rules!!Softball

Var: Wed, Apr. 23 at 4pm vs. Tennyson

JV: Wed, Apr. 23 at 4pm @ Tennyson

Swimming Rules!!Swimming & Diving

Var: Wed, April 23 at 3:30 vs. Piedmont

JV: Wed, April 23 at 3:30 vs. Piedmont

 Game Results...

Bezbol Rules!!Baseball

Var: Shut out by Castro Valley 2-0.

JV: Beat Farmers 10-0

Softball Rules!!Softball

Var: Fall to Yellowjackets 5-2

JV: Sting Jackets 23-4

Track-n-Field Rules!!Track & Field

Hornets continue preseason at the Dan Gabor Invitational in Amador Valley - recap here.

-- At Arcadia Invitational, Cameron Tu
breaks own #1 all-time record in 3200

Tennis Rules!!Men's Tennis

Hornets defeat Berkeley; 
beating Yellowjackets 6-1

Volleyball Rules!!Volleyball

Var: Beat Yellowjackets 3-0

JV: Go 2-3 at Deer Valley Tourney


Menís Golf start the season 2-0, defeating 
Arroyo Dons 228 to 290

Aquatics Rule!!M-Swimming

Var: Sink Pirates 92-79

JV: Scuttle San Leandro 91-76

Aquatics Rule!!W-Swimming

Var: Sink Pirates 128-35

JV: Scuttle San Leandro 117-39

Badminton Rules!!Badminton

Hornet Badminton? It's a mystery... no one is 
reporting the scores, so nothing to report.

 More News...

"Lady Hornets" logo also available!
Get all the latest Hornet gear right here...

... where a percentage of all sales will be
donated back to The Boosters/athletic programs.

Thank  You  2013-14  Hornet  Sponsors !!!

~  Fertile Mind Designs ~ YOUR NAME CAN GO HERE ~ Click on "Hornet Store" link to donate.

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Water Polo Rules !Missing or No Info About YOUR Team?
Is your team's webpage missing information?  Each team is Missing info ?responsible for designating someone (a coach, parent, player or fan) to submit updates and fill in any missing information.  If you have information for a team (game scores & stats, etc.) or any questions, you can send them to the webmaster. 


" FORE !! "Booster Club Membership
"Ace comin' !"
The Hornet Boosters Club was established to assist coaches in supporting and funding their sports programs and our student-athletes. 

Click here for info & instructions for how to join the Alameda Boosters Club.




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