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Amazon Shoppers: Whenever you plan to shop on Amazon, access their site via this link and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase amount to the Alameda High Athletic Booster program.





Hornets Rule !!!!

A message from the Booster President  &  Booster Mission Statement

SAVE THIS DATE: SAT, MARCH 18 for the 2017 Hornet 'Spring Sting'. Details in Hornet Store (link below).

Hornet Spring Sting
Parents - It's that time of year. Time for the Hornet Spring Sting social.

This year we're having a dance party on Sat. March 18th.
Click here for more information.

 Hornet News...

Register Today: Sat, June 10
That's the date of the first annual 'Hornet Hall of Fame' Banquet.
(additional information)

  Business Banner Program

Hornet Supporters - Do you have a business you'd like to promote locally? Check out our Hornet Banner Program and have your business banner installed at one of our Hornet sport venues.

Hornet Teams - Want to earn some money for your team? If your team secures a business banner sponsor, your team earns 70% of the profit!!

 Board Positions Open...

Parents - If you want to get involved in AHS sports and have input in how money is raised and sports are supported, we have Booster Board positions available.

Come to any monthly meeting to find out what we do. For more information, contact


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Onsite Athletic Trainer
Alameda High and the Hornet Boosters are proud to be able to offer the services (6
th yr.) of an on-site athletic trainer -- Annie Thatcher-Stephens -- to work with all of our student-athletes. (More to come...)

Game Reporters Needed for 2016/17  
Extra, extra, read all about it...Game results for EVERY Hornet sporting event will be posted on this site... 
someone submits the information. 

We need reporters to submit scores and game summaries for all teams.  The reports can be as brief or as detailed as you'd like. If no stories are submitted, we can't follow the progress of your team's season. 

To send in scores/summaries, email to  (details) 

Hornet Online Store

Our Hornet Online Store has changed. To make transactions easier, we've switched to the simpler, more reliable PayPal as our payment processor. Use the online store to make donations, upgrade your membership, and register for selected events.

 What's Coming Up Next... 

All games Home unless indicated by @ symbol, e.g., @ O'Dowd.


Schedule Changes:
Coaches/Team Parents - If you don't let me know when Rain, rain, go away...your team has a ‘rain out’ and/or a game/match is rescheduled,
I can’t post that info on the website. Report all cancellations/schedule changes to Thx.

Volleyball Rules!!Swimming
 Women: Wed, Mar. 1 at 3:30 vs. CV
 Men: Still waiting for schedule

Volleyball Rules!!Men's Volleyball
 Var: Thu, Mar. 2 at 6:30 vs. Irvington
 JV: Thu, Mar. 2 at 5pm vs. Irvington
Volleyball Rules!!Badminton
   Next badminton match is at Piedmont 
   on Thu, March 2 at 4pm 
Volleyball Rules!!Softball
 Var: Fri, Mar. 3 at 4pm @ Encinal
 JV: Fri, Mar. 3 at 4pm vs. Encinal
Volleyball Rules!!Baseball
 Var: Fri, Mar. 3 at TBA @ COA (v. Japan)
 JV: Fri, Mar. 3 at 2pm @ COA (v. Japan)
Volleyball Rules!!Men's Tennis
   Next tennis match is at Arroyo
   on Tue, March 7 at 3:30 
Volleyball Rules!!Men's Golf
   Still waiting 
   for schedule 
Volleyball Rules!!Track and Field
   Still waiting 
   for schedule 
Volleyball Rules!!Women's Basketball - NCS
 Var: Season Completed
 JV: Season Completed
 F/S: Season Completed
Game Results... 

Coaches, Parents, Players...

We post scores, game summaries, roster and schedule changes every day. If your team's info is not current, it's because it isn't being submitted.

Remember to send in your updates!!

Women'sHoops Rule!! Basketball @ NCS

Var: Fall to Miramonte at NCS 37-75

JV: Win final over Piedmont 23-22

F/S: Fall to St. Joe's 15-50

Volleyball Rules!!Men's Tennis
   Hornets sweep Jets 7-0
   Singles 4-0 ; Doubles 3-0
BaseballVolleyball Rules!!
 Var: Edge Cardinal Newman 5-4
 JV: Not yet reported.
Men's Hoops Rule!!Basketball @ NCS

Var: Fall to to Tam at NCS 60-71

JV: Lose to SI 51-60

F/S: End season with win over Lancers 68-41

Futbol Rules!!Women's Soccer - WACC Champs

Var: Fall 0-2 to Northgate @ NCS

JV: Shut out Pirates 5-0

Futbol Rules!!Men's Soccer

Var: Scores not being reported

JV: Fall to Highlanders 0-3

More News...

Secret Shortcut: Click the Alameda High logo in the top, upper-left corner to access the SchoolLoop website.

Yeah... I'm talkin' to YOU.

I Want YOU To Send in Scores & Summaries

It's a lot easier to follow your team's exploits if we actually know what happened.
Please send updates to:

Get all the latest Hornet gear right here...

... where a percentage of all sales will be
donated back to The Boosters/athletic programs.

"Lady Hornets" logo available too.

Support the Hornet Boosters

Parents, We Need YOU to Join Boosters

If you'd like to get involved, and make a difference supporting the sports programs here at Alameda, we'd like you join the Hornet Boosters. 

3 Easy Ways to Donate

Boosters FAQ's...

Q: Where do our Booster donation dollars go?
A: All monies collected go directly to ... more


Thank  You  2016-17  Hornet Upgrade Members !!!

~ YOUR NAME CAN GO HERE ~ Click on Booster Online Store link to donate ~ Elizabeth Scholtes, Zachary Crvarich, Nathan Bracamontes, Ryan Cibull, Jane Rausser, Nicholas Abe, Jake Chilcott, Padraig Lane, Tiana Bullock, Katie & Jason Gee, Joseph & Jacob Gibbons, Adrian Khor, Jenna Long, Ryan & Eric Slez, Leland Walton, Sam Rawski, Claire Fox, Jennifer Ghiglione, Susana Vargas, Adriel Quilatan, Charlie Konstantino, Kyle-William Quilici, Andrew Cho, Timothee Des Robert, Queenie Liu, Christopher Cheung, Donovan Eubanks, Alejandro Jimenez, Evan Kettles, Larry Lancaster, Angelo Melendez, Nicholas Chan, Elizabeth Scholtes, Jeremy Chen, Adam Elaidy, Liam John, Morgan Kimble, Samantha Mui, Lavernne Quilatan, Christopher & Benjamin Ting, Michael Waldman, Philip Woodworth, Lucas Mandel Cardeal De Souza, Jackson Elliott, Rowan Esquer, Elena Marcovici, Kyle Alves, Daniel Alverado, Suzanne Suh, and principal Robert Ithurburn

The Hornet Boosters Need Your Support

The Alameda High Athletic Boosters are a registered (501 c3) non-profit organization composed of parents like you who have an interest in improving and assisting the Alameda High School athletic program. The Booster’s primary purpose is fundraising to support athletic programs and promoting school spirit through sports.

Unlike many schools, the Hornet Booster Program is totally voluntary, but if each Hornet family with the means can do their part to support our programs and our athletes (through a $60 per athlete/per sport donation), it will help to sustain the high-quality athletic programs that we enjoy here at Alameda High. 

School budgets continue to be slashed, so if we do not raise the necessary funds, difficult decisions will need to made regarding which team programs will continue to be supported at Alameda High.

If any questions, please contact us at

2016-17 Donations So Far...

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Water Polo Rules !Missing or No Info About YOUR Team?
Is your team's webpage missing information?  Each team is Missing info ?responsible for designating someone (a coach, parent, player or fan) to submit updates and fill in any missing information.  If you have information for a team (game scores & stats, etc.) or any questions, you can send them to the webmaster. 


" FORE !! "Booster Club Membership
"Ace comin' !"
The Hornet Boosters Club was established to assist coaches in supporting and funding their sports programs and our student-athletes. 

Click here for info & instructions for how to join the Alameda Boosters Club.




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