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Hornets Rule !!!!

A message from the Booster President  &  Booster Mission Statement


NOTICE: If we do not get additional sign-ups for our Hornet Hold'em Poker Night fundraiser (details at right) by the morning of Sat, Nov. 1, we will be forced to cancel the event, reimburse the entry donations, and absorb all the processing costs. If you are interested is supporting the Hornet Athletic Program, please sign up today.

 Hornet News...

Hornet Sports At-a-GlanceFind Buzzy

Check out the upcoming Hornet Sports Calendar, and then come on out and support your favorite Hornet teams.  

Here are the schedules for October and November.

Amazon Shoppers: Whenever you plan to shop on Amazon, access their site via this link and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase amount to the Alameda High Athletic Booster program. It's the same Amazon site, with all the same merchandise, but by accessing via this AmazonSmile portal, it triggers their charitable donation back to Alameda High Athletics. (Note: Their donation has "zero" effect on your purchase price.) Thanks for your support.

Q: Is it true that the bigger sports -- like  football and basketball -- get a bigger share of Booster funds?

A: That's a common misconception. ALL monies collected by the Hornet Boosters from Player Donations, Membership Upgrades, Fundraising Events and Snack Bar sales go into a "general" Boosters athletics fund. Coaches (or reps) from all sports can make requests for 'awards' from the Boosters when they need assistance for their teams. All sports teams at Alameda High receive funding assistance from The Boosters.

Q: Doesn't the school provide funding for school sports?

A: Yes, the school does provide some funding. But with seemingly endless school budget cuts, the Boosters are being asked more and more to pick up the slack and provide funding - not only for individual teams, but also for athletic infrastructure maintenance and improvements that support ALL Alameda High students.

Q: What types of things do the Boosters support?

A: The Boosters provide financial support for a wide array of Hornet sports needs ranging from team equipment, travel expenses, field/facility maintenance and upgrades, as well as subsidizing a full-time onsite athletic trainer who is available to ALL Alameda High athletes. Additionally, the Boosters just approved the purchase of a large 12-person van to be used (in conjunction with existing vans) for transportation to Away games/matches.

Q: As a parent, what can I do to support The Boosters and Alameda High athletics?

A: There are several things you can do to help.

#1 - We'd love to have more parents participate in Booster activities. In particular, we need every team to have a Parent Rep. Being a Parent/Team rep means helping out your coach by attending monthly Booster meetings; and communicating information between your coach, the Boosters and the other parents on your team.

#2 - To continue supporting Alameda High teams, we really need every family to do their share. To support our teams, we're asking every family to support their athlete(s) with a $50 per sport donation. Additionally - for those who have the means - we encourage Booster Membership upgrade donations, which come with substantial benefits.

Please send us an email, and we'll be happy to respond to all inquiries. Just send questions to

Thank you
for your continued support!!


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Onsite Athletic Trainer
Alameda High and the Hornet Boosters are proud to be able to offer the services (4th yr.) of an on-site athletic trainer, Jasmine Gittens, to work with all of our student-athletes.   DETAILS

Hornet Hold'em
Poker Night Fundraiser

Poker Players –
Register Now...

Saturday, November 8th.

That’s the date of our new & improved poker tournament/fundraiser.

Get all your poker buddies together and come as a group.

Hornet Athletes/Parents: There will be a $100 Incentive Award given to the team with the highest % of sign-ups/participation... so get the word out!

Click here to Register; click here for Details.

 What's Coming Up Next... 

Aquatics Rule!!M-Water Polo

Var: Oct. 31 - WACC Tourney @ CCC

JV: Season completed.

Aquatics Rule!!W-Water Polo

Var: Oct. 31 - WACC Tourney @ CCC

JV: Season completed

Next match - Mon, November 3, at
all day NCS Tourney @ TBA

Women's VolleyballVolleyball Rules!!

Var: Tue, Nov. 4 at 5:30 @ Tennyson

JV: Tue, Nov. 4 at 4pm @ Tennyson
F/S: Season Completed

X-Country Rules!!Cross Country

Cross Country runs next at 1pm on Sat,
Nov. 8 in WACC Championship @ Hayward

Tennis Rules!!Women's Tennis
Tuesday, November 11
at TBA @ WACC Championships

Football Rules!!Football

Football maintains its own 'sister' website.
Click here to access.

 Game Results... 

Volleyball Rules!!Women's Volleyball

Var: Shutout Monarchs 3-0.

JV: Blank Mt. Eden 2-1.
F/S: Fall to Castro Valley 0-2.

X-Country Rules!!Cross Country

Hornet harriers continue to run well at Artichoke Invitational:  recap

Tennis Rules!!Women's Tennis

Lady Hornets shut out Berkeley
Yellowjackets 7-0. 


Lady Hornets shoot a 199, handily beating both Yellowjackets (307) and Dragons (291). 

Aquatics Rule!!M-Water Polo

Var: Dispatch Highlanders 15-9.

JV: Win WACC JV Championship!!

Aquatics Rule!!W-Water Polo

Var: Beat the neighbors 12-5.

JV: Defeat Jets 18-6.

Football Rules!!Football

Football maintains its own 'sister' site.
Click here to access.

 More News...

Athletic Participation Packet (REQUIRED)

All athletes must complete/submit an 'Athletic Participation Packet', BEFORE trying out. 

NO EXCEPTIONS !!!  Click here for details (including scheduled submission dates/times).

"Lady Hornets" logo also available!
Get all the latest Hornet gear right here...

... where a percentage of all sales will be
donated back to The Boosters/athletic programs.

Game Reporters Needed for 2014-15  
Extra, extra, read all about it...Game results for EVERY Hornet sporting event will be posted here... 
someone submits the information. 

We need reporters to submit scores and game summaries for all teams.  The reports can be as brief or as detailed as you'd like. If no stories are submitted, we can't follow the progress of your team's season. 

To send in scores/summaries, email to  (details) 

Hornet Online Store

Our Hornet Online Store has changed. To make transactions easier, we've switched from Google Wallet to the simpler, more reliable PayPal as our payment processor. Use the online store to make donations, upgrade your membership, and register for selected events.

Parents, We Need YOU to Join the Boosters

If you'd like to get involved, and make a difference supporting the sports programs here at Alameda, we'd like you join the Hornet Boosters. 

3 Easy Ways to Donate

Thank  You  2014-15  Hornet Sponsors !!!

~  Fertile Mind Designs ~ YOUR NAME CAN GO HERE ~ Click on "Hornet Store" link to donate.

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Water Polo Rules !Missing or No Info About YOUR Team?
Is your team's webpage missing information?  Each team is Missing info ?responsible for designating someone (a coach, parent, player or fan) to submit updates and fill in any missing information.  If you have information for a team (game scores & stats, etc.) or any questions, you can send them to the webmaster. 


" FORE !! "Booster Club Membership
"Ace comin' !"
The Hornet Boosters Club was established to assist coaches in supporting and funding their sports programs and our student-athletes. 

Click here for info & instructions for how to join the Alameda Boosters Club.




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